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Friday, November 28, 2014


Axis Capital Group Business Funding: Perfect Partner for My Dying Business

I needed a loan to get through the problems my business in Jakarta Indonesia was facing. I heard about Axis Capital Group Business Funding from a friend and applied. The application process was very simple and took about minutes to complete. There were a few questions about my application so an employee sent me an email with a few follow-up questions. The overall process was very pleasant and I had my loan within a week of submitting my application!

Getting a loan through them was incredibly quick and easy. No complaints at all. I was looking to consolidate options to small business financing, in spite of bad credit record or other difficulties conventional banks use to reject many loan applicants. So when I heard about Axis’ low rates and focus on low-risk loan candidates. The online application process was incredibly easy and the questions were definitely not typical of traditional loan applications. They review and get to know you in a way that other lenders don’t – it’s not just about a credit score; they give applicants the opportunity to show why they are credit-worthy like education, employment history, etc. Once my application was received, they were in touch with me each step of the way, all via email, which was very convenient given my work schedule.

The final step was a quick call with someone else from them and verified some questions to ensure I was a “real person.” They were very friendly and easy to work with. I spoke with him on a Friday afternoon and my approved loan was deposited into my bank account on Monday morning. The total process – from filling out the short online application to the money being in my account was just a few short days.

I immediately paid off my monthly bills, while it’s only been about 5 weeks since paying them off, my credit score has already increased 22 points.

I also find it very convenient that they automatically withdraw the payment from my bank account each month-hopefully there is no penalty for paying it off early-. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a business funding.


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