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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Out Compete Big Dudes


I know what you are thinking. Since you are just a small company starting out on your own, you cannot expect to push the big and more experienced people in the industry. You have to take things slow and make your way to the top step by step. But do you know how to do it? Do you have plans on doing it? Axis Capital Group Business Funding, a company based in Nebraska and now has expanded to Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia with an aim to offer entrepreneurs like you to fund your business has these tips for you to review and consider:

1. Personal Brand.

This is an easy one if done right but imagine the importance of this. People appreciate Coca-cola and Pepsi far above other sodas since these two already have established their brand in the market. Your brand should speak for what you are. Be bold and daring. This is mostly the characteristics a good branding should have that people patronize. And also remember that you shouldn’t copy someone else’s branding. People can see through it. You do not want people to see you as scam or fraud.

2. Passion.

Follow Your Dreams! We all know passion can ignite emotion and results. Small business leaders have the advantage that they probably started their business because of a passion or an enormous opportunity they saw in the market that is not being solved for. Regardless, the chances are high there is something about the opportunity and business model that is exciting them.

Tapping into passion is key to staying motivated. Where larger brands are filled with executives that may be burned out, most small businesses are filled with founders whose heads and hearts want to burst with excitement.

3. Innovation.

Because you have passion and because you can tap into agility, you have a perfect mix to better innovate. It doesn’t require an intense board meeting to kickoff an idea for further research. You can simply plan it and do it.

Innovate quick and smart. Don’t sit on your ideas for too long. Leverage your agility to truly innovate faster than your competition, even the big brands!

4. Service.

Small business can have an immediate leg up on competition with service. You can leverage your personal brand, personal relationships and human touch to make your customers feel special.

Be sure to set proper expectations. Don’t be pushed into quick time frames for deliverables that you know you can’t meet just to close a deal.


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