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Monday, October 19, 2015


How to Plan a Business Event for Small Business Owners

54 small business owners attended the 3rd BtoB Convention held by Axis Capital Business Funding last September 15, 2015 at the Grand Indonesia Hotel, Jakarta.

At the end of the seminar, Kara Parker, event specialist, shared how she was approached by a young man in his early 20s who introduced himself as Kajar Serman, a small upcylcing business owner in North Jakarta. Kajar, as Kara later learned had been pursuing his unique passion for recycling unused stuff and making them into a whole new usable material since his college days. Now that he has already graduated, he is already able to loan small amount of capital from Axis and have rented a small shop in Kota. Later on, he was also able to get a small stand in Plaza Indonesia mall, a few blocks away from their house. He says that the business had been growing and managing it is a great challenge but like many small business owners, he is already happy with what he has achieved. He later confessed that he thought of holding a small event for small business owners like himself and is attending the convention to learn how to do it.

Just like Kajar, small business owners also dream of holding their own seminars and conventions. Not only does this expand your network but it is also a great source of new ideas and business strategies from competitors and other industries. It also comes with a few challenges.

Small business owners, compared to large businesses, have lower assurance of attendees and are operating in a tight budget. Yet, there are some ways to address these issues such as the following:

Know your objective

Have a concrete idea on the theme of your event and pattern your program on it. You have to have a specific idea on the possible overall outcome that you are targeting to keep you on the right track. Review all the probable topics related to the nature of your business and focus on the most impacting one.

Discuss the Budget

The planning of your event, no matter how grand it is, cannot be achieved if you are under budget. It also does not make any sense if you spend before you accounting all your expenses. It is important to keep the project on budget or you’ll end up with more complaints than gain.

Schedule the Event

Find some time which is mostly convenient for your guests. Pick a date which is not a busy one for your attendees. Research is the key
Be Confident

You are the expert in your business and treat the audience as students who need to learn from you.


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